The Cherished Gift


I love writing, always have… At least since I was 10.  Yep, I’m young writer, you might say!

Published poem at 15… writing for a city newspaper as soon as I got my driver’s license… you name it!

But at age 10 is when you might say my imagination began taking flight to the written page.

It was also the time I spent more time with my sweet grandmother.

She would say, “Write me a story.”

So I did. But then she’d ask me to read it to her, not just once, but twice. What a privilege!

After the readings, she’d say, “What do you want me to learn from the story? Some day people might read your stories and you may even get to read your stories to them.”

She was good!!! I made the very important decision that day at my grandmother’s dinning room table that every story should have a sole purpose to somehow change your heart.

After that day and many more I learned something else.  That I sure don’t write alone! The strength to get words on the page, the creativity to ideate stories and the perspective of my characters comes from my relationship with Jesus Christ.  Yes, I am a born again believer. And I entrust to HIM what I pen, which is indeed a CHERISHED GIFT!

I hope I touch your heart, your mind, and your dreams with the best cherished gift I have… writing to change lives through whimsical fiction.